Spicy Watermelon Margaritas

This spicy watermelon margarita is the perfect summer drink! It is so refreshing and has no added sugar to it! All the sweetness comes from the delicious ripe watermelon juice, yum!


2 cups watermelon juice, approximately half of a small watermelon, seedless recommended

2 ½ tbs. lime juice

2 tbs. orange juice

1 tsp. ay chihuahua hot sauce

2 oz. tequila

Spicy Salt for Rim:

2 tsp. sea salt

Zest of one lime

2-3 tsp. ay chihuahua hot sauce


To Rim glasses:

Pour about 2 tsp. of Ay Chihuahua on a small plate, moving sauce around the plate so the hot sauce is in an even layer, coating the base of the plate.

On a second small plate. Pour enough salt to coat the base of the plate and sprinkle in the lime zest.

Place the rim of the glass in the hot sauce first, then in the salt and lime zest plate. You should have a nice layer of spicy salt. Fill glasses half way with ice. Set aside.


Place the flesh of the watermelon in your blender, blend until smooth. Pour through a fine mesh strainer over a bowl or cup to reserve strained juice.

Fill a pitcher half way with ice and pour the watermelon juice, lime juice, orange juice, ay chihuahua hot sauce and tequila. Stir.

Pour in your salted rim glasses and place a mini wedge of watermelon on the side of your glass for a festive garnish. Enjoy!

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